Attention: Aspiring & Existing Course Creators, Membership Site Owners, Coaches and Freelancers


Simple step-by-step lessons to create your landing page in a matter of hours!

  • Choose the software (I make it easy for you) 🙌
  • Write the copy using my proven outline and simple-to-follow template 📝
  • Choose your design template and install it with ease 🎉
  • Replace the text, change font and colours ❤️
  • Your landing page is DONE! (in a matter of hours...) 🚀
  • And extra bonuses... 🎁
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You will receive:

  • Proven Templates to install and set up in minutes (for & Zenler customers).
  • Proven content prompts to make the writing of the landing page super simple.
  • Tech tutorials to design the landing page.
  • Bonus: Facebook Organic Mini Course for 30 days
  • Bonus: Product Mock-Up Canva Templates and Tech Tutorial
  • Bonus: Text Automations in a day Workshop (huge time saver!)

Not ready yet? No problem.

I'll give you all the information on this offer so you can make an informed decision.

You have two choices...

The hard way 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Overwhelmed with what software to use
  • Uncertain about what to write to make people want to join your list
  • Confused about setting it up and connecting the pieces

The simple way 🤩

  • Software choice solved on the first module
  • Proven formula to write a high-converting landing page
  • Easy to install templates. All you do is replace the text

🚨 You no longer have to struggle! 🚨

Starting building an email list, finally

Get your Landing Page DONE in a single day with templates, scripts and easy-to-follow lessons

(even if you have ZERO experience as a total newbie, not a techie, and for the price of coffee)


Landing Page Examples from past clients

Client Testimonials

Eran helped me create the landing page, thank you page, and nurture email sequence. He's knowledgeable, and patient, makes complicated stuff look simple, and is the best communicator. Would recommend him to anyone, anytime.

- Ruth

Eran set up my Landing & Thank You pages. His preparation checklist was super clear, detailed and easy to follow. In communications, he was very patient which is exactly what I needed since I had no idea what I was doing.

- Carol

It's very clear that Eran knows exactly what he is talking about when it comes to tech, marketing, emails and more! Highly recommend!

– Heather

Working with Eran has been so amazing so far! I love that he totally takes his time to answer all of my questions and isn't out for the quick sale!

– Vanessa

Bonuses 🎁

30-day access to my most valuable course about finding more customers and get people to your landing page!

This is THE strategy that got me my first customers online, for all my businesses as a course creator, freelancer, membership site owner and coach.

A short 2 hours course along with templates included for instant implementation - so you can start finding more customers!

Product mockup Canva template

Get a step by step instructions with an over the shoulder tech tutorials on Canva as well as a Canva templates on exactly how to create a product mock up like you see here for the "Landing Page in a Day" so you can make one for yourself too!

If all you did is this 1 workshop and spend a couple of hours implementing what I teach... it would be worth 10 times more than what you're paying here...

A few hours implementing this time-saving strategy will save you hours of wasted time for weeks, months, and years to come.

Prepare to have your mind blown!

If after going through the course (it is short and actionable), you try to implement the steps and you don't get your landing page DONE in 14 days, ask for your money back - no questions asked.

And keep the course content and any bonuses.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a time limit for this course?

No limit. You get this course for LIFE. You can use these templates and frameworks for any landing page from here on out and it will make your life so much easier whenever you need to create another one.

How long is the course?

The video content is well under an hour.

It's short and to the point, well-edited video lessons that you can watch fast, get right into implementation and launch your landing page in a day.

Are Templates included?

Yes! There are templates, which is what makes this so fast to get done!

There is a straightforward framework and outline for a landing page and I have you follow it because it eliminates any complication and procrastination.

And you can install the pre-designed templates to speed up the process of setting up the landing page too.

Use the software I recommend, and you'll have it installed in 1-click!

All included.

Is there a specific software to use?

Software choice is totally up to you, but... to make your life easier I give you my proven recommendation, which is not only simple to use but also highly affordable and one of the cheapest on the market today!

But also high-quality software that you can use as you grow the business!

They have a FREE PLAN you can start on, and even their paid plan is extremely affordable at $197/year (not a month, per YEAR!).

This is not a typo.

And this tool doesn't just give you landing page features, it gives you blog features, website, funnels, online courses, email marketing and the builder is the best I have used.

In fact, the page you are seeing right now is built on it.

Why is this so cheap? What's the catch?

I'll be completely honest and transparent.

I have a profitable business already.

The $5 price tag as well as any of the upsells are purely there to assist me in covering my advertising costs of getting my content in front of as many people as possible.

The reality of business is you need to spend advertising dollars on social media to get in front of potential customers.

I do not make money from selling you high ticket courses or coaching later.

I simply don't offer those.

I live off passive income from affiliate marketing already.

And I have 2 memberships that earn me a comfortable living online.

My aim is to get as many people to sign up to my low-ticket membership at $99/year. (Not per month, it's $99/year per year - again, this is not a typo).

By selling some of my courses for cheap upfront, it helps me cover the advertising costs so I can get people like yourself to know me, get value from me, and hopefully join my membership at $99/year and possibly use my affiliate links for some of their purchases.

That's where I make a profit.

Are there any high ticket upsells?

There are NO high ticket upsells on the back of this funnel.

Not now, not later.

I do not sell ANY high ticket coaching programs or courses.

I have NOTHING to sell you that is above $1,000 dollars.

I simply refuse to charge ridiculous prices like so many others.

My business is great serving lots of people for extremely low and affordable prices on a recurring basis.

What's the membership you sell?

My business thrives and grows due to the 2 memberships I have.

One is a tech support membership, which I am not promoting much but it is available for those who really need to the tech support.

The main membership I promote is Dot Com Truths Plus Membership.

You can watch my training on "The Success Journey for Your Online Business" in case you are really curious about it.

Are there any upsells besides the $5?

Yes, there are a few optional upgrades.

These are all explained in this slide which I created to help get people to become affiliates and learn about the earning potential of promoting this product and funnel.

Why would I offer this funnel to affiliates to promote?

As I said, the only reason I am charging for these products is to cover my customer acquisition costs and be able to reach as many people as possible.

The only place I expect and hope to make a profit is from the $99/year membership and my affiliate marketing efforts.

So if I can pay an affiliate a commission for sharing my products and services, I would much prefer paying them instead of paying the social media giants...

Skeptical? You should be. Lots of BS online.

Here are some video testimonials from people who worked with me

Still have doubts? Here are a ton more verified reviews

If you have any questions or need further information, please email us at