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If you want a shortcut to building your list building funnel, this offer is for you.

My virtual assistant team will help you 1-on-1 to get your entire funnel launched from A to Z.

You'll get access to step-by-step lesson on all the content you need to prepare.

My team will then build it all FOR YOU and hop on a Zoom call with you at the end to get it all set up and turned over.

You'll come out with:

  • Landing Page to collect emails
  • Lead Magnet delivered automatically through email as soon as someone subscribes
  • A 5-day email sequence which will automatically trigger upon subscription
  • A thank you page designed to help you get more leads and build a relationship with your new subscriber

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"Do yourself a favour be a part of whatever he is doing and invest in whatever he has to offer. You won’t regret it."

Petra G.

"I highly recommend his membership to anyone just beginning in the online space and needing guidance for effective tools and strategies and business growth."

Rosie B.


Courses you get access to:

  • Landing Page in a Day
  • Lead Magnet in a Day
  • Thank you Page in a Day
  • Email Sequence in a Day
  • Facebook Organic Mini-Course
  • Client Acquisition Full-Course (FB Organic)
  • Text Automations in a Day
  • Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing eBook
  • Sales Funnel Workshop

Support you get access to:

  • Tech Support Community for
  • Dot Com Truths Community for general business questions and collaborations
  • Periodic Live Networking Events on Zoom to find your next collaborations
  • Access to my tech support team for your tech questions through asynchronous conversations and
  • Live Group calls on Zoom (office hours) with my tech support team, x3 per week.

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Dot Com Truths Founder, Eran Bucai

Just in case we haven't met...

❌ I do NOT have a high-ticket course to sell you

❌ I do NOT have a high-ticket coaching program to sell you

❌ I do NOT promote other people's high-ticket programs

ALL my content is 100% original - I do not use AI tools to write my emails, blogs, checklists, video scripts or any of my free or paid content.

Everything is based on my own learning, testing, and actual experience.

And all was put together through hard work and consistency.

I live as a digital nomad and travel.

I serve online entrepreneurs exclusively with low-priced and affordable products and services.

I live off passive income from affiliate marketing.

I have 100s of happy customers and lots of verified reviews (and video reviews too).

Don't just listen to me - google my name and check it all out for yourself.

Lots of scams and BS marketing hype online.

I am extremely hands-on with serving people.

Here is my video testimonials playlist from my YouTube channel from people who worked with me:

This tech membership has been a proven service for over 2 years with my tech support team experienced helping 100s of customers.

There is no lock-in contract, you can simply subscribe and cancel anytime - no questions asked!

The bonuses alone are worth more than the value of the membership.


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